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Max. Supply, GRIMM
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Mining algorithm -GrimmPOW

GrimmPOW is an Equihash 150_5 algorithm variant with some special tweaks to discourage both FPGA bitstream and single-chip ASIC development. Specification

name GRIMM ticker $GRIMM

Protocol/lang MimbleWimble/C++

Consensus Proof Of Work (POW)

Algorithm GrimmPOW Equihash 150_5

Address obfuscation Non stored

Amount obfuscation Confidential transactions (CT)

Transaction graph obfuscation Dandelion++ transaction elimination/Decoy Outputs (Dummy Zero Outputs)

Raw transaction size 1.0kB

Min./pruned transaction size 0.01kB

Blocktime 60 sec

Coinbase maturity 90 blocks

Max block size 2Mb

Emission Deflationary


Release 10.2

"Cryptocurrency is a way to convey value from one person to another without a third party". It's not a commodity or a stock or a company, it is a method, a container, a protocol that people use to make purchases between themselves.


BlockchainLife 2019

Den Novak and Andrew Cop presented the GRIMM project to leading blockchain companies, funds and investors on one of the biggest blockchain forum 2019 in Europe.

@ 2020 Grimm Community